Around the Bend: Lynette Rodriguez

Samantha Chamberlain

On a monthly basis we meet with someone from around the bend -the Coastal Bend!- as we open our arms to individuals bringing their art to Corpus Christi. Meet Lynette, a painter from Kingsville, whose pieces we've gotten the pleasure of acquiring here.


What would you say you do, creatively speaking?

I've been known to be creative with my hands any thing I can learn and do with my hands I put 100% into.  


When and how did you start? 

I started drawing when I was 15 and just recently picked up painting. I started with simple images and pushed my self to do more colorful images.


Who all has supported you?

My biggest supporter is my husband. He has got me all the supplies and has given me all the support I could ever hope for. And of course my mom. She's always encouraging me to go for more. My grandmother also. She's always inspiring me to be great and just be me.


What has been your favorite part?

My favorite part of painting is how you can combine different colors to create such an amazing image!


What has been the most challenging part?

The hardest challenge has been getting people to notice my paintings and just getting my name out there.


What keeps you motivated?

My biggest motivation is family. To be able to know they're okay is what keeps me going. 

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