Featured Local: Aaron (Malone) Rodriguez

Samantha Chamberlain

This week we've teamed up with Malone to produce a single piece of work, being printed a limited time. Meet Malone, local photographer and founding member of Alebrije, as he speaks on how the human experience and divine timing comes into his creative work.


Where did the name Malone come from?

The nickname Malone has nothing to do with my birth name. There isn't a clever story to tell about it either. It's a childhood nickname my older brother gave me for various reasons. It just stuck and I'm perfectly fine with that at this point, haha.


When and how did you start getting into creative work?

I always say my creative work started as a child, just watching and observing, listening and absorbing everything around me til certain things kept catching my attention. I developed an interest in chasing those feelings I kept experiencing -the most prominent being photography. I'd be looking through old family albums wanting to understand how photos were made. Looking at them seemed to stir up a certain fire in me. All these years later and here I am essentially creating my own photo albums to not only be appreciated now but years down the line as well.


What would you say it is that you do?

What I do is nothing different from what anyone else with a camera does. I chase light in wonder and observe its relationship with darkness. A constant duality with a seemingly infinite amount of outcomes when confronted with color, shapes, people, and time. There could be a story to tell or there could simply be a feeling to define. Taking all those ingredients on any given day and accepting them enough to capture within a frame what it is I felt that day at any given moment. 


What are you influenced by?

I'm influenced by the very powerful truth that we all not only exist in this dimension alone but simultaneously. We share this experience and everything it has to offer together. I'm influenced by the ever living possibility that chance, destiny, and coincidence could change at any given moment who we are and what we do with the gift of life we've been given.


Why did you choose this piece?

I chose this specific piece simply because what speaks more than a rose floating along with no destination?


Who has helped you along the way?

The list would be never ending and it's safe to say anyone I've ever crossed paths with has helped in one way or another.


Have you ever wanted to stop? What keeps you creating?

I think like any artist -me being no exception. I've had plenty of moments when I wanted to stop. Moments when I thought my journey with photography had come to an end. But every single time I've encountered those situations there is always a serendipitous reminder that I do what I do for a reason and my story isn't over. Like with taking a photograph, a change in angle makes everything look different.


What is your favorite part of what you do?

I'd say my favorite part of what I do is a split between capturing something that translates how I'm feeling or what I'm going through and being able to share my work with people who it might do the same thing for.


What's something you wish you would have learned sooner?

There's almost nothing I could say that would make sense to me because I feel like it has all been divine timing. I'd rather not interrupt that process and miss out on a lesson.


What is success to you?

These days my definition of success revolves more around a person's center of peace and happiness and less about social status and accomplishments. We find success in doing what we love, not what we have.


What are your dreams?

Dreams and aspirations... I feel like they change from day to day but some that stick around are to just continue my journey through photography and experience every possible facet it has to offer. Gallery exhibitions, published books, teaching, mentoring, learning and growing right along with it every step of the way.



Buy Malone's work here.




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