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Read how Abby Sanchez attempts telepathy through painting, her thoughts on creative forms of expressions, and the advice she gives to other artists. "Don't burn out and cost the world an artist by grinding too hard... Listen to your heart."


Abby Sanchez


What would you say you do, creatively speaking? 

In my art, I try to express the inner corners of my mind. It's changed, greatly, in the last few years to follow the changes in my point of view. In painting, I am attempting telepathy- I want to place my thoughts into others' minds. 


Who all has supported you?

First of all, big shout-out to Fred, who has always believed in me and encouraged me to build my skills and grow as an artist. Tony Armadillo, local painter and great teacher, whom I was fortunate enough to learn from in high school has always had my back and pushed me to work bigger and strive for more. My Dad has always been my biggest fan. Along the way I have met so many more great teachers and guides, and I hope to thank in person some day. 


What are you inspired by?

I love twentieth century pop art, surrealism, impressionism, and indigenous art, to name a few. I am fascinated by creators throughout time and their techniques, the way their styles change throughout their lives, and the connection between the art they make and their life experiences. Here in Corpus, I study the changes in light and recreate them for moody color palettes. From the golden and sun-toasted moments of summer to the lilac and pewter days of tropical rain.


What keeps you motivated to continue?

Creativity is like a river, with many streams branching off. If one tributary is blocked up, such as painting, its flow will reroute elsewhere, maybe to photography, writing, rock gardening, or scrapbooking. I'm not afraid of one kind of art becoming blocked, because I know the current will still flow and I just need to follow it. There are so many creative forms of self expression and I haven't even heard of them all! I cannot stop!


What would you tell someone who wants to start selling their work?

First, don't burn out and cost the world an artist by grinding too hard. Don't hustle because you feel pressured to hustle, and listen to your heart. Second, make friends! Community is so important! Almost every artist you've ever heard of had other friends in the art world to help get their work talked about and viewed. Keep creative company! Engage in creative society! And support your friends as you would like to be supported.  


What is success to you?

I would like to be in good standing with a community of people I love and respect.


What are your dreams?

I would love to paint with a partner or team and collaborate on large pieces. My goal is to bring live painting demos to local events in the future and I would love company on this endeavor. 


You can support Abby by purchasing from her line.

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