Featured Local: Angelica Ramirez

Samantha Chamberlain

Angelica Ramirez's photography adds color into our world. If you're ever feeling gray, Angelica's dreamy landscapes will help you find serenity. See just how much her work means to her, why she feels hobbies are luxuries, and how she's come to appreciate more things by having a hobby of her own.



What would you say it is that you do, creatively speaking?

Creatively speaking I would say I capture landscapes and reimagine them into my own perfect world. 


When did you start?

I started shooting film just over a year ago, but I’ve been taking photos for two years now. 


Who has helped you along the way?

The person who has helped me the most along the way is my boyfriend, Jaryd. Without his push I wouldn’t be where I am today.


What do you feel like makes the best photos?

I feel like mistakes can make the best photos. Without mistakes we don’t learn and grow. Plus I love some bubbles on my film from forgetting to tap the Paterson tank while developing. 


What is your favorite part of creating?

My favorite part of creating is going out to find something to capture. I wake up before the sun rises to take a lot of my photos, and watching the sun rise over the ocean feels like a gift. I never really appreciated the city until I started shooting landscapes here. Even when I wake up and the sunrise is covered by clouds and I can’t take a good photo, I still feel so lucky sitting out by the ocean. 



What's something you wish you would have learned sooner?

I wish I would have learned how far networking can get you sooner. My following on twitter has grown a lot this year and it’s all because I’ve put myself out there more and made friends in high places. 


What is success to you?

Success to me is living a happy life while still having time for photos.  If photography doesn’t work out for me as a forever thing, I would still very successful if I had free time to take and develop my photos. A lot of older people I know don’t have time to do the things they love cause of work, life and finances. Having a hobby is a luxury and I’ll never take it for granted. 


What are your dreams?

My dream is to be able to live off of my prints. It would be amazing for people to love my photos so much that all I have to focus on is taking photos and creating prints. It’s hard to achieve, but I believe sometime in the near future I’ll be there. 



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