Featured Local: Audrianna Rios (The Lonely Line)

Samantha Chamberlain

Creator of The Lonely Line, Audrianna Rios, bases her work on human emotion and experience. From her website, "It's about fine art that creates a connection and I hope you find something you can connect to." In this interview, she talks about her work in art, her connection to it, and her hopes for the near future.


When did you start creating?

I have been creating ever since I can remember. From crayons as a child to pencils as an adolescent, I have always had the desire to create and express myself.


How did you start The Lonely Line?

I started The Lonely Line earlier this year in March. I created it because I was going through a time of transition from a job I loved that I had to leave, to absolute uncertainty. I was creating multiple works a day as a way to express myself and ended up creating a website for it all to go, then added a shop for people to support and buy my art.


Who or what has been your inspiration?

My work is all about human emotion and experiences. A lot of my early work is a bit more somber because of what I was experiencing at the time. But now my work is more about strength, love and growth.


Who has helped you along the way?

My parents have been a huge support to me, always encouraging and helping me to push forward. My parents fully supported my vision and even offered up some additional suggestions like trying to create merchandise. I also have some wonderful friends that support my art and my journey.


Have you ever wanted to give up what you're doing? What keeps you creating?

YES! There have been a few times, but I keep pushing forward because I love to create. When I don’t paint or sculpt, I am not happy. I've wanted to give up pretty recently because my job situation has not been stable after the pandemic. I've bounced around trying to find somewhere that feels like a good fit. And I just haven't yet. I've always been about being happy and feeling passionate about what I do. If you're passionate then everyday is a good day.


What's the biggest challenge you've faced?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced is myself. I’m very hard on myself. I’m always determined to make all my crazy dreams and goals a reality and it gets hard. I’m learning to stop being afraid of the what if’s.


What's something you've learned that you wish you would have know when you first started?

It’s ok to not have everything perfect sometimes.


What is success to you?

Being happy, creating art that people connect to and being able to support myself while doing so.


What are your dreams?

To be able to be successful doing what I love (making art), to finally move into the house I bought last year, to finish my degree and spend more time with the one I love.


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