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Brittany Mouttet, host of the Leading Ladies of Corpus Christi podcast, speaks on why she got started, what she enjoys the most about her experience so far, her most memorable episode to date, and the dream she wants to commit to.


Brittany Mouttet


When did you start Leading Ladies of Corpus Christi and how did that come to be?

​I started Leading Ladies of Corpus Christi in January 2018. The idea came to me after I gave birth to my son and realized how incredibly powerful women are. I wanted to reach out to women I knew personally who were doing a kickass job in their respective fields to let them know I see them and think they're amazing, kind of like a love note. The more I sat with the idea I thought, "Why not have a conversation with them and find out how and why they chose their particular trajectory?" and the podcast came to be.


What is your most memorable episode to date?

I'm going to have to go with The Faerie Baker herself Paula-Beaton Forbus with Paloma Street Market. She is literally magic. I was not feeling great emotionally/spiritually the day of her interview and was very close to rescheduling. I'm so glad I didn't because just being in her presence was healing. Plus, she has very interesting family lore she shared in her episode (32) that makes it unforgettable.


What is your favorite part of your podcasting experience?

​I live for having deep conversations and I get the opportunity to have them with people I really admire. It's fulfilling to me when our conversation continues even after I stop recording. Plus, the fact I get to share these women's stories with the community and give them the shine they deserve is incredibly rewarding.


Your questions are very extensive and relevant to who you're interviewing. About how long do you research into your episode subjects?

Typically I am already following my guest on social media and have been keeping up with them for awhile. Often times I have an idea of what I want to ask a guest before I ask them to be a guest. For those I've just newly discovered, I try to be as thorough as possible by visiting their social media platforms and website if they have one. I'd say I can get enough material for a solid conversation in about 20-30 minutes of research. The internet is amazing.


You're very thorough and amazing at keeping the conversation on track. Were you naturally this good or do you feel like you've learned this?

​I think you and I are similar in that we legitimately enjoy talking to people and getting to know them. The natural flow in the conversation is definitely because of my natural interest. Even if I wasn't recording and I had the opportunity to sit down with these people, I'd still be asking very similar questions. I think it might be my super power.


What's something you wish you would have learned sooner?

​I wish I would've learned that efforts don't ever go unnoticed. There's always someone cheering you on, even if they're silent supporters. Of course, this is a lesson that you have to keep going even if you ARE your only fan. Your opinion means the most in regards to yourself.


What is success to you?

Maya Angelou gets 100% credit for helping me define my personal idea of success: Success is loving who you are, loving what you're doing, and loving how you're doing it.


What is your dream?

​My dream is to be a writer. When I was in 2nd grade I wrote and illustrated my first story and that has stuck with me my entire life. It sounds more intense than it actually was but I think back on the fearlessness of that little girl. I wanted to write a story and I just did it without hesitation. As an adult I have started so many stories and I think maybe fear prevents me from finishing them. I really want to commit to that dream. Send me the vibes!



You can support Brittany by streaming Leading Ladies of Corpus Christi on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Spotify. There, you can also find El Local Collective's Episode 119.

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