Featured Local: Cameron Walls

Samantha Chamberlain

Meet Cameron Walls, whose murals are all over Corpus Christi, as he explains the challenges and perks of painting these massive pieces -one of them being the time he traded a mural for tacos for life at The Exchange. "Can't call me a starving artist anymore!"


What do you do?

I paint bright seascapes and marine life. One of my goals is to keep the oceans clean by bringing awareness to zero waste lifestyle and stopping single use plastic.


When and how did you start?

In 2014 I started painting professionally after I got fired from the oilfield. I never wanted to be another number in a company that I was easily expendable with.


Who all has supported you?

Friends, family, and people that like my art.


What has inspired you?

The beach the ocean has always inspired me sailing and sunsets. Hawaii and Costa Rica have always been a dream destination.


What has been your favorite memory so far?

The time I traded a mural for free tacos for life at The Exchange.


What has been the most challenging part?

Being out in the street definitely has its highs and lows. Everything can change overnight.


What keeps you motivated?

The idea of being my own boss and doing whatever I want.


What would you tell someone who wants to start selling their work?

Go for it and if it doesn’t support you right away don’t give up on it just keep on creating. Do what makes you happy. 


What is success to you?

Doing what makes you happy.


What are your dreams?

Not having to stress about money, being able to travel whenever and where ever I want to, and changing the world for the better!


You can support his dreams by purchasing from his collection with us here.


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