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Samantha Chamberlain

What would you say you do, creatively speaking?

Through painting and photography I can give you a glimpse of what I focus on and how I turn my life into art.


When and how did you start?

I started drawing as a young child, and it seems I really enjoyed it. I would usually draw cartoon characters and super heroes from shows and movies. Eventually, I preferred drawing from my imagination. I’ve told myself that I am an artist as a kid, I have a book I made from the second grade where I declared that I would be an artist when I grew up. 


Who all has supported you?

I always felt like I’ve had support. My family would encourage me to draw through out my life and into adulthood and so did my friends. The biggest support I receive is from my wife Adriana, not only has she supported me she also pushes me. It wasn’t until we were together that I actually painted on my first canvas


Who or what has inspired or influenced you?

I get inspired by so many things! Where should I start?


What has been your favorite part on this journey?

Growing is my favorite part, there is something special about who I use to be and the difference of who I am now. I went from a day dreamer to a goal seeker, I’ve sharpened my perspective on what life means to me and how I can do my part. Of course though, I’m still and will always be learning. That brings me joy.
What has been the most challenging part?
Letting myself flourish, I’ve been holding back since I can remember. 


Have you ever wanted to give up?

I’ve considered it most definitely.  I have a family and have struggled to make sense of making a career out of art. My creative ideas have been muted with doubt and a feeling of hopelessness. I refuse to give up though, my kids are watching me and I need them to see that it’s possible. 
What keeps you motivated to continue?
Something keeps me hopeful and optimistic about the future. Perhaps it’s the community we have here in Corpus or the possibility of making new big hearted friends. 


What advice would you give to someone who wants to begin selling their work or putting themselves out there?

Take the leap! Show up, show yourself, get out of your comfort zone. Give yourself a fighting chance. Leave doubt alone and listen to truth.


Has anything pleasantly surprised you? What?

Community and support. 


Is there anything you wish you would have known when you first started?

How to get out of my own head. 


What is your definition of success?

Success to me is getting deep into the work and growing as a artist. Showing people a different way of seeing the world, then of course using the personal platform to make positive change to people who could use some help. 


What are your dreams?

Dreams are special, we all have something we want or desire. I just really want to be able to go places and experience more with my family.

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