Featured Local: David Carvajal (Coastal Card Game Shop)

Samantha Chamberlain

Meet David Carvajal, the owner of Coastal Card Game Shop, a new card shop selling cards, custom playmats, card sleeves, PC gaming mouse pads and the thing that sets him apart from his competitors: Custom Decks.


What made you start your business and how did it come to be?

It was ultimately a random thought or a shot of inspiration, you could say. I was seeing pack openings on Youtube and have been wanting to do that as I have loved the game of Yu-Gi-Oh from a young age.


Where did you come up with the name?

Oh gosh! To be honest it was something that came to mind that rolled off the tongue for me. It just felt right. People told me it was kind of weird and hard for the younger kids to say -which is kind of the audience you should target when it comes to card games, or any games. But in the end, nothing else felt right to me so I stuck with my gut and went against the advice for once.


What was the hardest part in starting?

Honestly, finally launching. I procrastinated so much and was so nervous to do it. I had all these thoughts like, "What it doesn’t work?" "What if no one likes it?" "What if people think it's dumb?" Just these negative thoughts I'm sure we all have in our minds that we've got to turn off when we start this journey.


What's something you've learned you wish you would have known in the beginning?

Just to do it and launch! That there's a following here, you know. The sooner the better! The original launch date was set for October but it took us until December get out there.


Has anything pleasantly surprised you?

Most definitely. There's so many people who are truly interested in playing this game, so many people wanna learn, and there's so much of a following... Something no one realizes! Also, we got over first orders for Custom Decks in our first official month of being a business. That to me is very surprising.


Who has supported you along the way?

Honestly so many people. From you to my best friend Noe who also does his own gaming stream (which is weird because we're on two totally opposite sides of the gaming world) supporting me in every way possible. He's given me video recording advice and tips on editing. Even my parents have supported me -which is crazy because they have no idea what's going on with it. Still, they have given me things to supply the shop with. And so have many other locals here in Corpus Christi. We're truly lucky to have started here.


Who or what has inspired you?

I can honestly say I am inspired by the Youtuber SimplyUnlucky and I look up to him for everything he has accomplished. He's really leading the pack for people like me. I believe he was probably one of the first ones to make pack openings interesting. He is what Pewdiepie is to streamers to people like me, in my opinion.


What is success to you?

Just doing what you love and being able to support yourself with it. If I was able to support myself and could live off of Coastal Card Game Shop alone that would truly be a success in my eyes.


What are your dreams?

My dream is to ultimately own a storefront (hopefully in Corpus Christi) and to make Coastal Card Game Shop not just a place for cards, but a place for everyone. I want people to enjoy the environment and to be a bridge that brings together gamers from all walks of life.


David plans on expanding to a wider range and variety of cards in the near future. You can support his endeavor by buying or selling cards to him online or at events. His first event is the Good Market at Nueces Brewing Saturday, January 30th from 2-6 PM. Be sure to check him out! (We'll be there also!)


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