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Inspired by everyone who creates, Frank Martinez creates his own happiness through his photography. Humbled by the love people have shown him for his work, he hopes that everyone finds something they love. When talking about his dreams, he speaks about his sons. "I want them to find something they can’t go a day without -whatever that may be."


What is it that you do?

I love creating things for people to see. I love having a different effect on people and capturing people's perspective. Everybody has a different perspective. I have had people tell me, "Man, it makes me feel like this," "It makes me feel like that." That hits me. I created something that makes people feel or think back to a song or something. It's a good feeling.


When did you start?

I would say the end of 2018. I had been wanting to get into it for the longest time. Finally, my friend talked me into getting the camera -a DSLR digital- and I just started going. The first time I went out I went to all these spots from my childhood. I remember my dad would take me to the T-Heads, so I went there. I also went to the top of this building me and my friends would hang out at where you can see the Harbor Bridge. I just love capturing moments. It's a beautiful thing knowing I can go back and see I was there. That's something I'll always remember.

For seven months I was unemployed, I was out everyday. I have so much I haven't even worked on yet, it's awesome. It's freeing. When I'm doing it it's just a good feeling. I used to work in the oilfield 18 hours a day, crazy hours. I didn't have time. Right now I take my camera everywhere just in case there's a moment. There's always a moment.

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C L A S S I C.

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Has anyone inspired you?

Gosh, haha! I'm inspired by everyone in this city that I see creating. So many do all types of art -it blows my mind how talented these artists are. I look forward to seeing everyone’s art, but if I had to pick someone who stood out to me the most when I was getting started it would be Malone. He was one of the first ones who caught my eye and showed Corpus his own way. That really got me wanting to explore the city more and more and start creating my vision for all to see.

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They say movement supplies growth.

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Have you ever wanted to give up?

I've had my days where I'll need a break sometimes but that's because of work. I try to go out as much as I can, but I don't think about giving up. I want to keep creating. I want to outdo my last one, to be better, to keep growing. I've grown so much. I like to look back at the past and see that I've come a long way.


What's been your favorite part?

Exploring around town. I love finding new things like, "Oh shoot, I didn't see this before!" I'll go back and forth to a lot of spots sometimes because I'm like, "Damn, I missed that." I have certain spots I go to like, "I gotta get a better shot."


Is there anything you wish you would have learned when you first started?

I wish I would have learned to not rush into taking photos. I would have definitely loved to have captured several moments better. After so many pictures, as well as lots of practice, I have learned the value of a moment. Now I take my time when I’m out there to make sure that the moment I’m in is captured correctly and as beautiful as I want it to be. Pictures mean so much more to me now. Now it’s more of an art to me. I had no idea I’d grow to love it so much. Even though it took some time, you have to have those bad photos, those bad canvases, those bad days to learn from. Life is all about learning and I am still learning about so much. I don’t think life ever stops teaching. I didn't think my photography was gonna blossom into what it is now.

What made it blossom?

I would say what made this whole thing blossom was the feeling I get when I’m out there- that freeing feeling, as well as having the ability to create my type of art. That’s just a great feeling. The feedback I have received from my art has wanted me to keep going. The love that people show me is amazing and always so humbling. It's something I can’t put into words.

I started this for me but people make me want to keep going and show them that I’m here to stay showing myself and showing them that you can do something you love. I want people to be creative and if I can help anyone want to do that, that makes me the happiest.

Find something you love and let it blossom.


What is success to you?

Not being rich, that's for damn sure. I used to think money was. It's not about money at all. It's about being at peace with yourself, having your family there, loving every bit of life until you don't have anymore. You got to keep going, enjoying it, being happy. That's what success is: being happy.

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The Pursuit of Happiness..

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What are your dreams?

My dream... That is a question I haven’t given much thought to lately. If I had to say something I wanted, it would be to inspire. First off, I want to inspire my sons to go after what truly makes them happy. I want them to find something they can’t go a day without -whatever that may be. Happiness and peace means more to me than any amount of money or materialistic thing could ever and I want them to see that as well. I try to instill that into them as much as possible. I also want to inspire people to be creative and artistic and to do something while being true to themselves. I love how creative this city is. I see so many amazing artists in all categories that I look up to. I thrive off of their work and their abilities. If I could give to someone what they give to me, that'd be a dream come true.


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