Featured Local: Guillermo Gallegos (OLObrandart)

Samantha Chamberlain

In this interview, Guillermo (Guy) Gallegos talks about the custom piece he designed for El Local Collective, as well as his passion for art.


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What was the inspiration or idea you had when making this piece?

Whenever I'm not sure what to draw, I draw people. Sometimes I draw people who look like me, but I've made it a point lately to draw more black people. There's been a lot of stuff happening in online art communities, and it seems like every couple months black artists have to give the same tutorials on how to draw black people in a way that's not offensive. The least I can do when so many are doing all this work and putting it out there for free is use it and actually practice drawing people who don't look like me.


What has been your favorite part of art?

The ideas are always the most fun. You can imagine everything perfectly, and you don't even think about a piece in terms of shapes or colors sometimes, but just emotion.

You can tell what you want a piece to feel like.


What's something valuable you've learned that you wish you would've known in the beginning?

Even if you're on a roll, get up and stretch for at least a minute. I have a lot of aches and pains that probably would be easier to deal with if I started doing stretches before it came back to bite me.


Have you ever wanted to stop creating? What keeps you going?

Yes, mostly when I think about money. I always had that idea of a starving artist in my head, so I was very aware of how hard it can be to make a living off this. But then I'll come across some other art like a movie or a really good album and just feel this need to make something. Another thing is that I'll remember when a friend of mine said I was their favorite artist, and I could tell they really meant it. That one always makes me feel motivated to keep going.


How do you define success?

I think if I know that the art I've made  improved even just one person's day, that's success. I've been telling myself that that one person just can be me, but that's going to take a little while to stick.


What are your dreams?

My biggest dream is to finish up one of my bigger ideas for a comic or animation, and have at least one person say it meant something to them. I want to tell stories, and I think I have some good ideas personally, but I have a hard time getting my feelings across or picking the right words. Another dream is to be living comfortably in my own place, maybe alone or maybe with someone. But I'd want to still be here in this town, and help it be a better place. I'd want to be here and I want to have made a bit of a name for myself on my art. Even if I had to work an hourly job to make ends meet, I could be happy if I still had time and energy to create.


You can support Guy by following him on Twitter. You can purchase his own shop or purchase the El Local Collective exclusive here.

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