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Describe what you do/What would you say you do?

I Acquire, Finance and Manage companies/brands.

trugotit is home to brands in all industries that connect with audiences through alluring content across the world. trugotit specializes in brand development. Our mission is to develop and provide exposure for determined entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential advantages in their line of work at the lowest possible price. The goal is to simply be omnipresent.

When and how did you start?

I started in 2008 after dropping out of Clark Atlanta University. Lol...my very first website was a one-paged infinite scroll. Eventually met Rochelle in 2012 and introduced my idea, she laughed at me. She laughed hard. That night I promised myself to make this work, lol and Rochelle was going to be the “test dummy”.

Who all has supported you?

I have a very small circle so my dad and Mother-in-law have been the biggest supporters. I'd be remiss to not acknowledge the city of Corpus Christi. The people of the city and the vibe just hit different. When it comes to local support, I haven't seen anything like Corpus, and I've traveled a lot.

Who or what has inspired or influenced you?

The city of Niagara Falls, NY has been the biggest influence on my life. No matter what you hear about the city, there are some of the most special people that come from and reside there. As far as inspiration to start my journey, none. This is Gods Plan.

My daughter inspires me the most to keep going, and I GO HARD. Shes taught me so much, lol not sure who's the parent sometime. I also get inspired just by seeing people in action. There's nothing like seeing art, business and new ideas.

What has been your favorite part on this journey?


What has been the most challenging part?

Conveying my ideas to the world, more importantly, the people I do business with.

Have you ever wanted to give up?

Not one single thought of giving up. I've known my purpose for a long time, to give up is to die.

What keeps you motivated to continue?

I'm not a fan of motivation, either your about it or not.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to begin selling their work or putting themselves out there?

Educate yourself on the ends and outs of your industry, be consistent, disciplined and be ready to sacrifice.

Has anything pleasantly surprised you? What?

The fruit of my labor. I've enjoyed planting seeds not knowing what will grow.

Is there anything you wish you would have known when you first started?

Financial literacy and education

What is your definition of success?

Freedom to do as I please.

What are your dreams?

To compete and mastermind with the wealthiest people on the planet. Appear on shark tank and make the greatest deal of all time.


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