Featured Local: Martin Rubio Flores (Marty McPies)

Samantha Chamberlain

Meet Martin Rubio Flores, the man behind the window of Corpus Christi's coolest new pizza truck, Marty McPies. Read on to see how an old cartoon inspired building his trailer and hear about his dreams which involve more than just a pizza scene



What do you do creatively speaking?

Live vicariously through my artist friends with actual drawing, painting, music, photography talent. My stick figures are nice though. Also, I skateboard.


When did you start?

The idea started about three years ago, building the trailer myself started one year ago and actually the actual start was last week, January 31st. It’s been a journey


What have you been inspired by?

The pizza from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons as a kid. Also, this one pizza spot in D.C. that made some incredible pizzas, not only was the atmosphere cool and hip but the pizza was delicious! I have my friend Ben Lewis to thank for taking me there.



Who all has helped you so far?

The community. I am incredibly thankful for the ones who came by for my pop ups in my driveway to help me raise my startup funds. I thought I was down and out but the community came out and helped with the final push to help me start. I remember every one of them and they’ll always be special to me.


Have you ever felt like giving up?

Oh, I doubted myself so much. I’m my worst critic and somewhat of a perfectionist so when recipes weren’t right, I had to go back and tweak it to make it what you taste today. Building was a challenge too, I wasn’t a carpenter, welder, fabricator... but I am now.


What have been your favorite parts so far?

Seeing people genuinely enjoying the pizza, taking that foodie picture before eating it, and the compliments.


What is success to you?

I’d like to say success is just getting out there and doing what you love and sharing it with everyone. I just want to make people happy with pizza. It’s still early but I think I’m doing it and to me, that’s success.


What are your dreams?

To own a bar/art gallery/pizza spot. Something chill that can showcase the talented artists and musicians of Corpus Christi.

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