Featured Local: Matthew Guillen

Samantha Chamberlain

Meet Matthew Guillen, a dot work and wood burning artist, some of whose art is at Skeleton Key Curios downtown. You can see his full collection with us in our shop.


When and how did you start?

When I was a kid I grew up drawing Dragon Ball Z and World Industry characters. My junior year in high school I was given an assignment to replicate a famous photograph in my favorite artist's style. At that time I did not have a favorite artist. I did a lot of looking before I came across an artist by the name of Ben Tolman. It was the first time that I had seen that style of work (pointillism, stippling, dot work) and I immediately fell in love with it. It was then that I'd say I really started.



Who or what are you inspired by?

I get a lot of inspiration from anatomy, sacred geometry, and religious artwork. I also find inspiration in our local art community. We have a lot talented individuals that work with all sorts of mediums. Seeing their work always pumps me up to keep going.


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