Featured Local: Matthew (Matchu) Rogers

Samantha Chamberlain

What do you do creatively?

I am all over the place creatively. I am currently doing solar pyrography, acrylic painting, and some scratch boarding. Unless doing a commission piece with a direct request, I will draw my creativity from the energy from my surroundings, through a trance state of mind.


When did you first start?

With my grandmother Jane Rogers being a local artist in Kingsville, there is no time in my life that didn't involve art. I got serious in high school and was doing portraits in Prismacolors and ebony pencil.


Who has all supported you so far?

My grandmother was a huge supporter of mine and passed much knowledge as well as supplies to me. My parents of course have supported me, especially when I really needed it! My one and only Ric has given me a space to convert into my studio. He really is tremendous and my art work does reflect our love for each other.


Have you ever felt like giving up?

I have given up many times. In fact, me getting involved with El Local Collective is my effort to pick myself up and fight giving up on myself. I am obligated as an artist to create, as I stumble upon life lessons while I am amidst of creating. So if you see me giving up, this is your green light to pull me aside and straighten me out.


My favorite part of being an artist?

It has to be when I have that WOW moment as I step back from my creation. I yell "wake up world, look at what I did!" Like I have done this for the betterment of humanity... The feeling does not last very long unfortunately, so on to the next one I go.


What is the most challenging part so far?

My most challenging issue is the business side of this business. I am going to face the fears I have and make this my career.


Has anything pleasantly surprised you?

The art of Joy Beckler (@joybeckler), Vincent Fink (@vincentfink), and Ray Dunlap (@dunlapian) all out of the Houston area, just have me pleasantly mindblown to be honest.



What does success mean to you?

Success to me is being my true self. Seeing someone getting a feeling from my art is success. I was at a sporting goods store where artist were painting on shoes for those that bought them. The child in the picture, with that joy on her face she can hardly contain, is success to me.





You can find some of Matchu's pieces at Fresco downtown, The Coffee Mugg, and our shop.

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