Featured Local: Matthew Meza

Samantha Chamberlain

Meet Matthew, a local who's been developing his love for photography over the past four years. See his inspirations, aspirations, and what's been a surprise to him so far.

What do you do creatively speaking?

My main creative outlet is photography, with a focus on products, portraits, and events.


When did you start?

I started developing my love for photography over 4 years ago.


What have you been inspired by?

My main source of inspiration comes from the connections I make and lose with people, places, and things. My artistic drive usually explodes after a traumatic event, whether that be love, loss, birth, death, joy, or sorrow.


Who all has supported you so far?

My family of course supports my active photographer lifestyle, but the support from new friends and colleagues means just as much to me.


Have you ever felt like giving up?

My creative drive can run out especially when other responsibilities take priority, but I have never considered dropping this passion of mine for any reason.


What have been your favorite parts so far?

My most favorite aspect of photography so far is that I have a social (distant) activity that I can share with my friends and family. It's a great activity to be physically active, flex the creative muscle, and goof off.


What's been the most challenging part?

The most challenging part of being a photographer is getting over the imposter syndrome. With so many other amazing photographers in Corpus alone, it's easy to think that my work is insignificant. The rule I taught myself to get over this is "at least one person has to like your photos in order for me to be legitimate" and I like nearly all of the photos I take, so I am a photographer. I am my own worst critic.


Has anything pleasantly surprised you?

My pleasant surprises come when I dislike a photo but feel it's good enough to send to a client (because it meets their requirements) and they respond with "it's the best photo in the world" or something along those lines.


What is success to you?

When I look back at my old photos and recognize how far I've grown, that's when I feel the most successful.


What are your dreams?

My dream regarding photography is to eventually get so good that I can be the official photographer for the President of the United States, like Pete Souza.


You can support Matthew by shopping from his collection with us or by booking him for your next shoot.

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