Featured Local: Olivia Soto

Samantha Chamberlain

Olivia talks on her embroidery, her inspiration, the ability to start over, personal growth, and what truly makes her happy.



What would you say it is that you do?

Mostly embroidery, but I’ve worked on branching out into other mediums and techniques. I’ve been trying to get better at watercolor and acrylic painting.


When did you start?

I’ve always drawn and tried to paint but I started embroidery this past March (2020).


Who are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by friends and acquaintances that are also artists and entrepreneurs. I think it’s really admirable to pursue doing what you love in life. Amanda, the creator of phatknits (gorgeous handmade earrings) and Jose who has amazing taste and runs Rebel Vintage, are two locals that are a continuous source of inspiration for me.


What is your favorite part of creating?

My favorite thing about creating is having full creative range over any pieces of work. I know it’s typical to say, but creating gives me a break from life and stress. Planning new projects, stitching, and painting helps me cope with a lot of depressive and physical anxiety symptoms that I’m often prone to.


What's something you wish you would have learned sooner?

Just because a teacher tells you that you can’t do something doesn’t mean it’s true. You should create what you love, it’s okay to start over or take a break, and life is too short to tolerate toxicity.


What is success to you?

Success for me means that I’m growing. Even though I’m so young I feel like I’ve grown so much both as a person and in art in just a year or so.

Seeing myself take more healthy actions shows personal growth which to me is everything.


What are your dreams?

To continue supporting small businesses and local creators is a big passion for me and something I want to continue doing in the future whenever I can.

I’d also love to work with sharks or do anything with marine conservation, but as long as I’m stable, maintain healthy relationships, and continue to create I would be happy.



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