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Samantha Chamberlain

What would you say you do, creatively speaking?

I would consider myself a hobbyist more than anything. When I’m not working my “day job” I take pictures of myself and my cat just for fun. I don’t really feel like I’ve earned the title of “photographer” or “model”, but I suppose that’s what I do. I create for other people at work, and I do like to use my free time and creative abilities to help other people when I can. Whether it be modeling a shirt for a local brand, or creating flyers for events in the city, it’s fulfilling to be able to help others. But when I’m on my own I experiment, explore, and create for myself.


Who all has supported you?

I feel extremely lucky and privileged to be supported by most of the people in my life. My friends, coworkers, and the Corpus community as a whole has built me up way more than I deserve. My family back home haven’t discouraged me from figuring myself out. That’s the kind of support I need to keep going – creative freedom – and I genuinely feel like I’ve received that here.


Have you ever wanted to give up?

Absolutely. All the time. I very easily let myself be discouraged and take things personally. I am in a constant battle with myself over what’s the point when there are so many people out there who are more talented, prettier, smarter, friendlier, and overall better than me? Why should I keep making this mediocre stuff and putting it out there, when people want to see good things? Even when it’s for fun
and I’m not creating for anyone else, I find it hard to even try sometimes. But I think discouragement is a part of the creative process in a way. When you learn to embrace it instead of letting it consume you, it helps you grow.


What is your definition of success?

I don’t think success is a clear point in time, but rather a feeling. To me, success is contentment. Feeling comfortable, supported, and loved. It’s personal. My success would be financial security, emotional stability, and healthy relationships. Creatively speaking, I think having the freedom to create what you want without having to worry how others will receive it is success. Success is being able to wholly and unapologetically be you.


What are your dreams?

I want to keep moving up in my career and be able to do my job to the best of my ability. I also want to be comfortable- financially, emotionally, and physically. I hope I can keep growing in my creativity, become more confident in my talents, and continue helping people when I can. I want to keep working hard to create a better life for myself and my cat. My dream is to be truly successful.


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