Featured Local: Ryan Monroy (Best Boy)

Samantha Chamberlain

Ryan Monroy, otherwise known as Best Boy, speaks on upcoming projects, his inspiration, and dreams.


What project(s) are you working on and when do they release?

A neat handful of things! At the moment I’m working on a visual album for a local hip hop artist, the first season for a web series “YIKES”, and I’m working with PRODUCE©️ helping on an indie feature film. First two can be expected within the following months. And the latter sometime late next year! 


Who or what has been your inspiration for these ventures?

An early inspiration was Bo Burnham. His ability to exist in all levels of entertainment: stand up, writing, acting, directing, editing. Edgar Wright for filmmaking and editing with music. YouTube channel Sugar Pine 7 for grounded authentic tones through anything I can put hands on. My main inspiration for anything I dive myself into is the need and drive to physically manifest a vision onto the screen.


Who has helped you along that way?

Everybody I’ve met along the way. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the opportunities given to me by the people who saw a speck of potential. From friends back home in The Valley, to the ones here in Corpus Christi. There’s way too many to name. People who knew me as ZMG, BestBoy, and Ryan. I’m grateful to have existed at the same time as every single person I’ve encountered.



Have you ever wanted to give up what you're doing? What keeps you doing it?

Oh yeah, show me an artist who hasn’t contemplated giving up and I’ll call them a liar. Doubt and insecurities come for us all. Most people still have a sliver of passion left when they reach that point of desolation, that’s what keeps us going. As well as the undying curiosity of what could be if we keep going just a little further. Most times those moments end up being a catapult shooting us into a sky of good and bad. But we never regret the episodes of passion that pushed us to who we are now.


What's something you've learned that you wish you would have known when you first started?

I’ve had to learn a couple of things the easy way and hard way, but if I had the opportunity to tell myself anything at a young age it’d be patience, if anything at all. No spoilers. If I was given crucial advice before now I don’t think I’d become the exact person I am today.


What is success to you?

Happiness. Stability in life; emotionally and mentally.


What are your dreams?

To do my best. To inspire. Whether it be a legacy in my family or a seed planted in someone else’s head knowing how I did the things I had to. A domino effect of best intentions, 11:11 wishes, and empathy.

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