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It may be spooky season, but true witchcraft lasts year round. Meet Taylor Ojeda, the truth-seeking spiritualist you may know as Brujita. "It's not just for the weirdos and the spooks, it's prevalent in our everyday life -we just don't know it. I like knowing, I like researching. I'm not trying to recruit people."


What is it that you do?

I tell people I make esoteric products, but honestly I do a lot. Spiritual advisor, tarot reader, therapist. I usually just tell people check out my website and leave it at that. It's something people gotta see for themselves to get the picture. It's easier that way. If I start talking they think I'm crazy and usually won't continue to engage with me. I'll be like, "Here's my card," then have a quick chat that way they know I'm not a total psychopath. Then they can go from there. 


When did you get into this?

I actually made a whole YouTube video about this. When I was 13-14 I watched The Craft. Literally everybody does this. I learned about witchcraft then of course, everybody falls into Wicca. I've been on this journey since then. It's been really interesting and hard because for the longest time I was a closet practitioner. I didn't talk about it a lot. Maybe to some close friends but trying to learn while not letting your parents know is really hard. Pretty much since I was 13 I've been into the esoteric.



You mentioned Wicca. Is there a large difference?

Girl, there are so many! It's like Christianity in some ways. You know, you have non-denominational, Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran. There's so many different avenues.

Witchcraft is a very broad term, which in my opinion is just about manipulating energy.

Wicca is based off of this man from the 18th century. He made this entire religion and they talk about the law of three, black and white magic, and stuff like that. I'm not dissing Wicca at all but it has a lot of rules. I don't subscribe to anything, I just go by eclectic meaning, I just like to learn about everything. Even things that are not considered witchcraft. Any kind of spirituality I like to learn about and incorporate whatever feels good for me. Wicca is where everyone ends up because it's the most popular and accessible form of witchcraft. Other branches like chaos magic, traditional Santeria, those are old religions that are hard to find credible info about. I've had my fair share of mishaps so I'm very particular about information which is why I started Instagram to begin with. When I first started I didn't know anybody and we only had one shop in town. At the time they were older women who were not very helpful. They were quick to sell me something and not explain it. I remember when I started I was like, "I'm not going to do that." This comes with instructions. If you have questions, reach out to me. I post a lot of informational content because it was rough. 


Is that something you do on your Patreon as well? 

My Patreon is a little more in depth. I give homework. I have a book that we're reading right now and it's Hermetic text. What we're doing is reading it and kind of dissecting it like, "What do you think this means?" "Well, I see parallels here." It's almost like Bible study. A lot of people have this misconception because I joke way too much and I turned it into a brand that I'm going to hell and everything but I love reading the Bible. I love talking theology. I attended a Baptist college for a year. I'm not anti-Christianity, I just don't subscribe to it. I want to make that clear. A lot of people get confused.

When I first started I would run a ton of ads on Facebook and people would comment the worst stuff like, "You're going to hell Satanist! Stay away, protect your children." It was so funny thought because I was like, "Bro, you need to chill." If you don't like it, keep scrolling. I would delete the comments but people would share my stuff and whenever you share it you can see that they wrote a portion of it but when you click it it's private.

I have this tagline I say at the end of all my videos like, "Don't tell your grandmas because they're going to tell me I'm going to hell!" It's because I told my friend, "Let's do a reading," and she was like, "We can't come here because if my grandma finds out she's going to say 'You're going to hell!'" So it became a joke. It doesn't bother me anymore, it was only really bad in the beginning. When I go to events people usually stay away from the table which I'm like, "Go, stay over there! I don't care."

I think my favorite event so far was the Weird Corpus one because nobody knew what I was doing. I didn't have a sign or anything. It was so great. It was all epic.


How many events have you done or what all have you done?

My first ever pop-up was at Communitea, their Krampus Christmas which was last year. My first pop-up by myself was at Archery Soap Works and it actually came out of the news which was really cool. They put my event on there and it says, "Calling all witches," so for them to put that on the news website was super dope for me personally. I did the Leading Ladies of Corpus podcast and talked about that a little bit.

I actually want to do a whole class where it talks about stuff we consider witchcraft that's talked about in the Bible. Like, they talk about burning incense. Myrrh is a very powerful herb for cleansing. They brought gold, myrrh, and frankincense -all powerful cleansing herbs. Astrology- I mean, how do you think the three wise men found Jesus? They were watchers of the stars. Those are things I want to talk about.

It's not just for the weirdos and the spooks, it's prevalent in our everyday life -we just don't know it. I like knowing, I like researching. I'm not trying to recruit people.

It's like to read the Bible. There's absolutely no harm in knowing what the Bible says.


Who has helped you?

Weird Corpus was a big step for me. They put me in the second issue of their little magazine which was such a big deal. Emma was so great, she included me in the Weird Corpus event. 20/20 Vintage gave me a spot to do readings. My very first space to actually do readings for their shop with the queen. Archer Soap Works' Christina is absolutely phenomenal, genuinely put faith in me. Truly, the local community has been super helpful. Amanda from Phat Knits, love that girl. She has helped me out a lot as far as just confidence and connections. The community has been accepting and supportive. Also, just a huge shout out to my super supportive boyfriend Aaron.

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Who's inspired you?

I have met a lot of people online that you would consider elders, people who grew up in this practice. I don't want to say certified -because there's no such thing- but they're very prominent in the online community. I would say there's a few people I aspire to be like. I really love the Mexican Witch. She's online, she's written books, I just love her vibe. I definitely want to write a book someday. I'm not there yet but it's in the works plan-wise. The owners of City Alchemist wrote a book called Magia Magia and I'm taking a course with one of the co-owners and seriously the knowledge is absolutely amazing. There's another woman on Instagram who goes by Blue House Charm. these three people all have different pieces of things I aspire to be like. Blue House Charm is generational so she grew up in this. She knows about the plants and how to make her own essential oils. She's helped me out a lot with certain aspects of my magic. The City Alchemist have the history, the knowledge, the background. I don't have that. My grandparents died really young so any bit I would have had is just gone.


So you're pretty self taught then?

Yeah. Which is good but also sucks. It's taken me a lot longer than most people to get anywhere but I feel like it's good because when I speak on something I speak on it from life experience, not just something I've read, but lived.


What's been your favorite part?

People come to get a tarot reading because they just are at their wits end. They don't know what else to do, they just need guidance. There's a good five people that have been my clients since day one. One of them is one of my really good friends who pushed me to do this and through readings, advising them spiritually, they're about to graduate with their cosmetology degree. She's really turned her life around. This other woman in particular.. I mean, I never want to put anybody's business out there but I wish people could see where they were when they first came to where they are now. It is by far the best thing. I'm quick to be like, "Dude, that's you." I can tell you what to do but I can't make you do it. You're the one that did the work, asked yourself the hard questions, and broke those toxic patterns. It's great.


What's something you've learned that you wish you would have known when you first started?

Bitches are petty. With any profession, you have to go through the initiation process to prove that you actually know what you're talking about. I know where I know things from and I know how I know things but to sit there and explain to someone else why you're reputable was hard for me. There's no credentials in this and I'm really quick to admit, "I don't know everything bro." Some people will ask me things and I'm like, "I don't know, but I'll find out."

This goes for everyone. Whenever you first start out people want to know you're not full of shit and that takes time. It takes building trust and rapport. You can't just say it and expect people to believe it, which sucks because you can be genuine but if people don't know you're genuine you're kind of out of luck. What more can you do but keep persisting? My whole first year has been building that rapport and I just want to say it's been other people taking the time to talk to me and have faith in me that has really helped me out. Archer Soap Works stepping in to help, then Emma putting me in Weird Corpus led to me having so much more. Somebody was just like, "Let's see what you got." You know? I don't know how I ended up here but I feel like it was always going to be like this.


Have you ever wanted to give up what you're doing?

For sure. I have three kids I'm with during the day and now we're homeschooling. Keeping up with the house and the orders, girl... My customers are the most amazing. They are so so gracious with me. I'll be like, "I'm just really tired, can you give me two days girl? I will throw in something extra for you." They're like, "No, no. It's good, it's good. Whenever I get it I know it's gonna be bomb." I'm like, "Thank you so much, you're a blessing." I'm really straight up with them too. Like, "Look, I'm hungover today so-" No I don't say that haha, but you know what I mean. I'm just like, "Hey, I'm human." It's just me product sourcing, testing. My biggest fear is that I'm gonna sell a candle that doesn't burn right. If anything at least let the candle burn, okay?


What is it that keeps you going?

I honestly know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. There's no way that within a year I can have something that consistently pays my bills if it's not what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm not saying that to brag, it's just the truth. There's certain things I've been doing lately that I don't understand my draw to, like learning about my heritage or my ancestors. Then having that confirmed by somebody else like, "This is why." It's like I'm supposed to be here. It's like a sense of duty.


What are the biggest challenges you've overcame?

For me I think it was a lot of self-confidence. I'm entering this community with no credentials. There are people who are license herbalists, license reiki masters, people who take courses to be astrologists and for me recognizing, "Hey, you know what you're talking about." Don't give into that insecurity. That was my biggest hurdle.


What would you tell someone thinking about selling their passions or starting a business?

Just because it's your hobby doesn't mean you have to monetize it. There's some times I wish I didn't monetize it only because when I'm reading books about spirituality it feels like I'm doing work as opposed to it being a hobby. That's my own mindset I have to shift, but that's what I tell a lot of people. If you're really good, you're really good and you should never do anything for free, but don't feel forced.

We live in such a capitalistic society that we feel like we have to put worth on everything by a dollar. Recognize that just because it's worth the dollar amount doesn't give it value.

Lately I've been cooking, but I also paint for fun and I will never monetize that shit. If you decide to monetize your hobby, make sure to find another hobby because everybody needs an outlet. The mental pressure is unreal sometimes so have that space where you can just zone out. For me, it used to be making candles but now I'm super particular on the formulas and stuff that I'm conscious all the time. That's why I like cooking more. I wish somebody had told me that sooner because I think it would have saved me a lot of mental stress.


What do you think makes a good business?

Authenticity. I know there's other generations that believe professionalism is the only way to be, but I feel so tired of having to act right all the time. Every time I interact with someone and I feel like they're just being themselves -that's comforting. I would love to do business with them. I don't have the energy to sit there and be like, "Yes ma'am." You know, be polite but do whatever you want. Not everybody's like that and I'm cool with that. That's just my personal preference.

It’s Brujita. Your local basic witch, favorite bitch, card slinger, sjwarrior, diviner and meme stealer extraordinar! This needs to be on a shirt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Where would you like to be in the future?

People ask me this a lot and I never say it but I think I'm going to say it today. I'm going to claim it. I want to open my own occult store, but I want everyone who goes in to know that everything in this store has been vetted -it's from a quality source. When I was younger I went to certain occult stores and it was just whatever was cheap, whatever could be found. Even crystals I buy I make sure are ethically sourced because all that goes into the energy of it.

The way something is harvested is important. It's important that people understand white sage is an indigenous medicine, not just something you buy at Urban Outfitters. It's medicine. Certain species of Palo Santo are endangered, don't just buy what's cheaper. Whenever you have something that comes from a land that's been burned down you can't tell me that that's not going to carry some of that energy. Will it make a big difference? I don't know. Do I want to contribute to that? No.

I want to have a witch library where people can come and check out books, request books, and have a space of knowledge. We don't have that anywhere. How is it that we can go to a church and ask a pastor a question about the bible but we can't ask a question about witchcraft? There's a lot of gatekeeping that goes on, but have someone that's gonna explain it to you and not just someone who's gonna say you're not ready. "Well what do I need to do to be ready?" That's my goal. I really want to facilitate that source. I don't know how it's gonna happen but it's gonna happen.


And then you're gonna do a book!

I mean, I've been working on it but everything I do is spirit-led. It's kind of hard to explain but have you ever just known something? Like, "I just know how to do this." My Instagram posts are typed out in seconds because it's information that just hits my brain. That hasn't happened for me for the book yet so until that happens I know it's not the right time.


What is success to you?

Success is a feeling. It's not a physical thing, it's not a number, it's a feeling. It's knowing that your bills are paid, your fridge is full, and tomorrow you get to go do the thing that you love every day. 


Taylor certainly loves what she does and you can continue supporting her by checking out her linktr.ee here. You can find ways to support more locals throughout our website.

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