Featured Locals: Kaili Ortiz and Giselle Marroquin (Sun Moon and Stars Vintage)

Samantha Chamberlain

Meet Kaili and Giselle, a dynamic duo who decided to make a vintage store the day they met. See how quickly the momentum built, whether or not they doubted themselves, and what their biggest challenge has been since starting.


How and when did Sun Moon and Stars Vintage come to be?

Kaili: When we made Sun Moon and Stars, we hardly knew each other, but we were on the same page of what we both wanted. We just wanted a place where we could be ourselves and express our fashion sense to Corpus. Our style is very different, but it just works so well together! We were tired of working jobs that made us unhappy. I didn’t want to be treated the way I was treated at my old job and I just wanted to do something I loved. She understood that and was on board! When we first met it was in late November 2020, that day was the day we made the business. The next week, we saw our space. The next week, we signed our lease. And the next week we got to work and started renovating on our own! It happened so fast, we were just so motivated and I’m thankful for it all.


Who all has supported you so far?

Giselle: The amount of support that we have received is so overwhelming, in a good way! Our family, friends, and boyfriends have helped so much through this process. The advice they have guided us with has definitely helped us make the right decisions.


Have you ever felt like not going through with it?

Kaili: This has always been something I’ve wanted to do, it just so happens now rather than later! I truly do believe this was supposed to happen for Giselle and I. I’m thankful to have this experience with her. She’s a great partner and I couldn’t imagine myself going through this without her.

Giselle: There’s never been a time where I felt like this wasn’t something I wanted to do. I felt in my heart that this was all meant to happen.


What's been the most challenging part?

Kaili: Renovating by ourselves has been the most challenging. We really worked on our shop everyday to make it where it is at now. Most times we didn’t even know what we were doing, but we were determined to make it brand new. Definitely took a long time to finish, but we did it!

Giselle: I hope everyone appreciates the floor! That floor was horrible to everyone that helped scrape it. Adhesive and paint don’t scrape off too easy... so that was a huge challenge.


What is success to you?

Kaili & Giselle: Success to us is all about seeing someone feel good about themselves in what they are wearing. Knowing we sold the clothing item that is helping boost their self esteem makes us feel like we did our job. Everyone should feel good about themselves and express their fashion sense however they want to! Fashion has no rules, just own it!


You can support these gals by shopping at their store at 505 S. Water St in the Water Street Village.

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