People of Corpus: The Story So Far

Samantha Chamberlain

What started in 2016 as a single question Stephen Wincelowicz would ask his fellow Corpus Christi-ans, has been born again with more intention and even a dedicated team. Years ago, the question Stephen asked the People of Corpus was centered around what people loved about the town. Today, he gives more vulnerable prompts that touch on things like love and transformation. The answer he receives becomes the caption to a social media post alongside portraits of the person answering.

Rene Sandoval, a new photographer on the team, gives the same prompts that Stephen does, but shoots solely on film. Bringing his own unique taste and talent to the project, Rene plays a large role in its rebirth.

Soon, People of Corpus will become it's own segment on our website, as I -Samantha Chamberlain- have also joined their team.

There's more to come, and more than meets the eye within the People of Corpus. Until then, this article introduces the team straight from their Instagram.

Stick around.








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