El Local Collective

El Local Collective features locals through different blogs within our website. Below you can read a brief description of each blog.

Featured Locals primarily features artists (but also entrepreneurs) through a written interview on our website. When you visit this blog, you'll notice Season 2 of The Local Influencers is included. This was the beginning of our partnership with another platform that promotes people's passions. Since Season 3 of The Local Influencers, we have given them a separate blog.

The Local Influencers features creators, business owners, and influencers through their video podcast that lasts about 20 minutes long. Their blog begins with Season 3, though you can find older episodes throughout the Featured Locals blog.

People of Corpus features locals through portraits on social media where they get to write the captions to their portraits by sharing something personal. Unlike El Local Collective and The Local Influencers, People of Corpus tries to get away from promotional use and tries to understand more about people rather than their occupation.