Member Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to our directory specifically and is an additional policy under our Terms of Service, which you are also agreeing to here. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you understand that we may change the contents of this agreement at any time. By continuing to use the directory after such changes are made, you accept the modified agreement. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you should not use the directory. You can remove your listing at any time by contacting



All directory listings are self-submitted or done as part of being featured. Directory listings are not endorsements. We are not responsible for the business or sales of parties within our directory. Listings are reviewed in the order of which they are received and posted within the day they are approved. El Local Collective is not obligated to go into partnership with with any directory members. By no means does an approved listing qualify one to be featured at any given time. Requirements must be met for approval. We do our best to keep listings accurate and up to date by requiring involved parties to read and agree to these terms. There are three forms which may be used to submit a listing: for businesses, for individuals, and for groups. Each form asks for information more relevant to its type. For example, if you do business under your legal name, you may choose the form for individuals as opposed to the form for businesses. Individuals can be influencers, performance artists, etc.



You may only submit for yourself, businesses you own, or groups you are a part of.

All required fields of the form you use must be completed. Forms are built by a third-party application and we are not responsible for any malfunctions that might occur. In the event that you are unable to submit by form please report to You may include your request with each of the required (asterisked) items for faster processing.

Information must be true. While we are not obligated to verify your legitimacy, we may do so at our discretion. Discrepancies we find may be cause for denial or removal.

Duplicate listings are not allowed. However, one person may appear multiple times under different businesses. Additionally, a business which occupies multiple certified or licensed individuals can appear multiple times under different individuals.

  • Example 1: Jane owns three businesses. She is allowed to submit them all. Jane may either submit herself as an individual with three business or may list each business separately, but may not do both. In this case, it would be more beneficial to list all three businesses in their separate industries.
  • Example 2: John and Jane work at their own tattoo shop. John and Jane can submit themselves one of three ways: once by their business, both as a group, or separately as individuals. Although separate listings can be advantageous, it may suit them better to be listed as a group so that they are both showcased if they are selected as the featured local.
  • Example 3: Jack owns a restaurant that employs Bill and Bob. Jack decides to list himself as an individual and gets his employees to list themselves as individuals too. Bill is a cook. Bob is a waiter. While they may have their food handler's permit or other certifications, these roles are not what we consider as jobs requiring specialization. Jack understands this, he just wanted more exposure for his business. Don't be like Jack.

You must be subscribed. El Local Collective is more than just a directory. It is a store and newsletter too. Both the directory and newsletter are free, and you are never obligated to purchase from our store. However, you must remain subscribed to our newsletter. Unsubscribed parties may be removed from the directory. We will not send spam and we will never give or sell your email address to others.

You must remain active. When we say El Local Collective is made for locals, by locals, we really mean that. The directory is only successful because of its ability to progress and it can only progress through participation. We believe that the act of participating is an opportunity in of itself. We do our best to make opportunities quick and easy without making them artificial. While not every opportunity has to be taken, after an extended period of time without participation your directory listing will expire. 



Personal information shared between directory members and El Local Collective (business owner(s) and/or employees) by way of video chat, voice recordings, text messages or emails that have not yet been shared with the general public by either party cannot be disclosed by El Local Collective to individuals requesting any such information, except where applicable by law. Visit our Privacy Policy for more information on how your data is used.



Your listing may be removed if requirements are not met. If you believe you have been removed by error, you may appeal by contacting to have your case looked into.

In the event you were incorrectly removed, your listing will be re-posted.

In the event you were correctly removed, you may receive instructions on how to resubmit so that you may be approved. We do not guarantee your ability to return to the directory as we look at removed listings on a case-by-case basis.



Your listing may be denied if requirements are not met. If you believe you have been denied by error, you may appeal by contacting to have your case looked into.

In the event you were incorrectly denied, your listing will be approved.

In the event you were correctly denied, you may receive instructions on how to resubmit so that you may be approved. We do not guarantee your ability for approval of your listing as we look at denied listings on a case-by-case basis.



We reserve the right to ban listings which do not align with the values of El Local Collective. Categories which are banned will be posted within these terms as they are determined through listings we may deny.



We do our best to keep listings accurate and up to date. Email for updates or inaccuracies.



If you suspect invalidity, report listings to so we may review them.