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With over 400 products catalogued in our shop, you may be wondering where to start. Here are some tips that will help you find what you're looking for and possible trouble you may run into when trying to buy.


The Search Bar

A great way to navigate our website is through its search bar. Not only can the search bar help you find important information like a particular blog post, but it may also help you find certain items in our shop. Whether you're looking for wire sculptures, embroidery, paintings, poetry, photography, or something else entirely- the search bar is your friend. The majority of collections in our shop are titled by artist, and since you may not know what mediums that artist uses, the search bar takes care of that.


Search by artist

In the description of each product the artist is credited. Go to that artist's collection in the shop or search by an artist to find all of their products and their blog post.

Every artist with a collection has a blog post which introduces the artist, but you may notice some artists have a blog post but no collection. This is either because they chose not to do consignment with us or because they joined El Local Collective after changes were made to our selling process. And that change is...


Not every item is catalogued

See something at a pop-up that you can't find online? There's a reason for that. In March it was decided that since the majority of our art sales are made in person, we would do more pop-ups, organize more events, and get more art into public spaces. We've succeeded, by

  • hosting marketplace events that have helped over 100 businesses, artists, and multiple charities;
  • hosting engaging workshops that allowed poets, artists, and others to express themselves; and by
  • getting people's craft onto the walls and shelves of nearly 10 local businesses.


Some items are in-store only

We don't have a store of our own, but we've gotten into businesses like Wildflowers, K-Space Contemporary, Sun Moon & Stars Vintage, Skeleton Key Curios and more. While most stores we're in will charge you directly, some have a QR Code that will take you to that store's collection with us.

Stores that have a collection with us have products that will never be shipped, mostly because they're framed and at a lower price since they're being sold in-person. If you were to search for a particular product and try to buy it without knowing that it was part of a store's collection, you might be confused when the only shipping option says IN-STORE PICK-UP ONLY (Will NOT Ship).


Some items are in-person only 

Not only are some items only available in stores, some items are so fragile that they are only delivered locally. Usually these products make it out to pop-ups, so it's best to see us in person when you can!



Hopefully this clears up any confusion on the purchasing process. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.